About Us

Welcome to SwampFires, where family, art, and nature converge. Our studio, nestled in the heart of Jupiter, Florida, with a vibrant annex in Atlanta, Georgia, is a sanctuary for crafting functional pottery and whimsical ceramic art. Inspired by the rich tapestry of native mythology, the intricate textures of nature, and the playful chaos of modern life. Each piece we create tells a story.


Our Creations

At SwampFires, we blend tradition with innovation. Our primary offerings include:

  • Functional Stoneware Pottery: Each piece, hand-thrown and meticulously crafted, is designed for daily use. Food-safe and suitable for microwave, oven, and dishwasher, our pottery is as practical as it is beautiful.
  • Decorative Ceramic Art: Beyond functionality, we create stunning decorative pieces that bring a touch of nature and mythology into your home.
  • Artisanal Soaps: Our palm oil free soaps, crafted with sustainable shea butter and luxurious ingredients like goat’s milk and beer, offer a unique, eco-friendly bathing experience.
  • Candles and Wax Melts: Our scented container candles, housed in reusable, wheel-thrown pottery, and our carved wax melters add a warm, fragrant touch to any space.


Our Ethos

We believe in sustainability, quality, and a touch of whimsy. From carefully selecting eco-friendly materials to developing our own lead-free glazes, every aspect of our work reflects our commitment to excellence and the environment. Our soaps are made without palm oil to combat deforestation, and our high-quality, fair-trade shea butter ensures a luxurious yet responsible product.

Our Community

We love connecting with our community at local Celtic festivals, Scottish Highland Games, and art shows. Our occasional gallery openings in Jupiter offer a more intimate setting to experience our work. Stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter, where we announce new releases and events.


Meet the Artists

  • Susan Kennedy: With over 40 years of experience in art and handcrafted items, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to SwampFires. She has formal training in ceramics, candle making, soap making, and more, complemented by professional experience in law, management, and communications.
  • Gwenn Kennedy: An artist and designer with over 50 years of experience, Gwenn's expertise spans fine and constructive arts, engineering, and industrial design. Her innovative approach keeps our designs fresh and dynamic.
  • Gordon Kennedy: Our behind-the-scenes hero, Gordon’s 40 years of woodworking experience ensure our studio and events run smoothly.


Our Furry Assistants

No studio is complete without a few critters! Our "Swamp Farm Critters," particularly our beloved cats, leave their playful mark on everything we do. Follow their antics on Instagram @SwampFires.


In Memoriam

Remembering Button Button, the original Master Cat Artist, whose legacy lives on through her trained apprentices.

Explore our world and discover the unique charm of SwampFires, where every piece is crafted with care, creativity, and a love for the natural world. Visit us online or at our next event to experience our work firsthand.